Industry Insiders Break It Down

Self Help Sells Failure

The Guru Industry selling you quick and easy fixes like a back alley drug dealer

Hearts and minds fed just enough failure so they can sell their latest cure

And perhaps most tragic -

There's got to be a better way

An entire Guru industry sells you the comfort of success . . . but feeds you just enough failure to keep you wanting more?

Gurus? Or drug dealers? And what now?

Open Self Help Is Born

Supreme Ultimate Revives Self Help, Open Source Success, And The Project 2.0 Disruption

And Why "It Takes A Village" To "Create Your Own Success"

What is Supreme Ultimate Self Help?

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Two seekers dream rich visions of success. Why does one life soar while the other life stays grounded?

A note from Mitch Van Dusen
Co-founder – Project 2.0

After spending a decade, behind the scenes, publishing self help courses, I can confidently tell you:

This question is a classic trick the Guru uses to get you.  

The Guru asks this to trigger envy and self doubt.

Envy of those who have success (usually the Guru).  And self doubt about why you’re failing… even if your life is worthy of pride and praise. 

Why do they do this?

Because you’re now feeling shitty and will do almost anything to not feel that way – like buying their proven step-by-step system for instant success.

And even if you’re doing well in life… comparing yourself to others almost always triggers a feeling of inadequacy.  Human nature.  

And the Guru knows it.  

But I’m not telling you this to simply shame the Guru. Yes, the Guru uses it as a way to manipulate you. 

I’m telling you all of this because there’s no question that’s more important to answer.

This riddle is the beating heart of Project 2.0 and the rebirth of Success: And we think you're the secret to solving it.

The truth is that there are many ways to answer this question… because there are many reasons why some succeed and others don’t.

But the simplistic answers the Guru gives you is not the real answer.  If you’re not soaring the way you want to be…

It’s not because you’re not taking action.
It’s not because you’re stuck in a cycle of failure.
It’s not because you don’t want it bad enough.

And it’s definitely not because you haven’t bought that product they’re selling you.

Based on our collective decades doing this, our theory comes down to this:

1. There is not a single, neat path to success.  There is one path to YOUR success.  And there’s a good chance it looks nothing like the path that Guru is selling you.  But how do you sell self help courses… if everyone has their own path to follow? 

2. Self help doesn’t work when you’re alone and unsupported.  But a group of individuals helping each other… is proven to work better.  Yes, there are the exceptions.  But can we agree that we all do better when we’re supporting each other?

3. Taking action isn’t the answer.  Creating momentum is the answer.  Joining a gym is taking action.  Falling in love with an evolving workout you can’t wait to continue… is the answer.  But how do you sustain momentum if you’re on your own following someone else’s path?

4. Fall in love with the journey, not the destination. Gurus don’t sell hard work. They sell quick fixes because people don’t want to do “work.”  But what if we could live a life, full of awe at our perpetual successes, and that “work” is actually the adventure you never want to leave?

5. “Becoming successful” changes to “becoming your Supreme Ultimate Self”


There's got to be a better way