The Death Of

Self Help?

Does the $38 billion Self Help industry need you to fail?

Would Self Help go bankrupt if you started to succeed?

Does Self Help feed you failure so you need their solutions?

Are they keeping you from getting what you really want?

Are they called gurus because it's cult-like?

Did you already know all this deep down?

Is there a better way to find what you need?

What if you never had to buy another Self Help program?

The Birth Of The Real You?

What does it mean to become the Real You?

Would you taste your true potential?

Would you find your own freedom?

Would you see what's been missing?

Would you find your purpose?

Can the Real Us meet the Real You?

From Failure To Real?

What if failure became impossible?

What if success was becoming Real?

What if you became the Real You?

What if every day was the Real You?

What if you never had to buy another Self Help program?

What if you never wanted to go back?

What if Self Help died so you could Really fly free?

What if we could help you fly?

What if we could help you build the plane?

What if we could be the airport?

What if we could be your ground crew?

What if we could be the control tower?

What if we could be the runway?

What if we could be your fuel?

What if we could be the radar?

What if we could help you fly?

What if you never had to buy another Self Help program?​

Are you open to try something completely different?

What is Project 2.0?

Project 2.0 is a team and Project 2.0 is a platform.

3 questions fuel our team and define this platform:

1. How do you see the Real You?
2. How do you become the Real You?
3. How do you sustain the Real You?

See. Become. Sustain.

What does it mean to see the Real You?

To See:

1. To see right through the bullshit

"I just saw through all the culture, boxes, beliefs, habits, cages and Self Help systems that make me walk in circles."

2. To find the bricks that fit your path

"If I incorporate (meditation, Ho'oponopono, skydiving, space travel, etc.) into my path, I'll become more the Real Me."

What does it mean to become the Real You?

To Become:

1. To build the bricks that fit your path

"The only type of meditation that works for me is listening to Baroque Opera or Heavy Metal hanging upside down."

2. To take a single step on that path

"Today I meditated listening to Metallica hanging upside down and I closer to becoming the Real Me"

What does it mean to sustain the Real You?

To Sustain:

1. To create momentum on your path

"Having my own band of companions gives me the courage and strength to keep building and keep walking my path."

2. To make momentum last a lifetime

"Because my support structure doesn't cost me $10,000 a month, I know I will always have help if I stumble!"

But isn't this what Self Help offers?

3 reasons Project 2.0 is not Self Help in disguise

1. Self Help sells step-by-step systems like religious truths. Project 2.0 empowers you to build your own system.

Is my version of success the same as yours? Do Gurus know anything about what you really want and need... let alone how you should get there?

Reality: You want fast results. Gurus want fast money. So they design systems that promise fast results. And the systems? They often have great ideas and worthy steps. But while we crave the simplicity of step-by-step, that's not how Real Life works.

The people behind Self Help drank their own Kool-Aid. And they're not all rotten people. But all of it is a rotten culture.

Project 2.0 embraces fast and easy... but only if it helps you see, become, and sustain the Real You on your unique path.

2. Self Help you fake personal support: $10,000 a month. Project 2.0 to gives you Real personal support: $7 a month.

We all need support, accountability, and unity. Why? Evolution. Survival. It's why seeing, becoming, and sustaining the Real You can't happen alone.

Reality: Gurus have outrageously-priced coaching programs packed with hard selling and poorly trained coaches that read from a script. But do they know how to support you? Do they know what you really need to find the Real You? Or are they still pushing the same system?

Project 2.0 supports you with your own team of fellow path-followers. Project 2.0 is a human team built on offering support.

3. The Self Help business model fails if you succeed. Project 2.0's business model fails if you fail. We're in it together.

There are good people who start Self Help businesses. But the business model is set in stone and requires failure. Self Help needs repeat business. If you succeed, they fail.

Reality: If you're going to invest your time, energy, and money, there needs to be trust, accountability and transparency. The only solution is to build it into the business model.

The Project 2.0 platform will always stay affordable and no one is turned away. The business model sees profit if you stay with it. You'll only stay with it if you keep seeing, becoming, and sustaining the Real You.

The Bottom Line

One Truth: If you fail to become the Real You, we fail too.

One Promise: Together, we can help you live life as the Real You.

Our Core Technology: Real People collaborating on the Real You.

The birth of Project 2.0

You don't know me, but you know my work.

You’ve likely read one of my sales letters or purchased programs that I’ve designed. Like the Awakened Millionaire Academy or the Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification.

My name is Mitch. I'm a Self Help insider. I'm a publisher behind the scenes. I've been a part of the problem. I've lost sleep over it. I'm sorry.

But the irony? I'm a softee, a liberal, and have a conscience. I've been quietly obsessed with figuring out how to fix Self Help. For years, I've schemed and experimented.

The problem? Self Help can't be fixed. The foundations are rotten beyond repair. It must die. And something better, more Real, must replace it.

There’s plenty I’m proud of. For example, my collaborations with my dear friend Joe Vitale.

Joe and I developing a Joe Vitale 2.0 module for the platform

We’re both improvisers, adventurers, weirdos, musicians, dreamers, lovers of life. We have a name for these “sessions” – Popcorning. New York and Texas, hanging out, building from inspiration.

Like me, Joe is an outsider on the inside. He has been in this industry for a long time. Everything Joe preaches, he believes. Every talk he walks. And, as you'll see, there's a reason Joe plays a special role in the launch of Project 2.0.

But here's the important part. I'm not telling you all this so you trust me. I'm telling you all of this so you trust I understand the problem, inside and out.

The only trust I want is trust I earn.

So with all that... why did it ultimately fail to fix Self Help?

It was the Awakened Millionaire Academy that burst my fantasy bubble.

I thought the AMA would fix Self Help. And it accomplished a lot.

1. It was not a system but a series of big ideas people could make their own. And it worked. It changed people's lives.

2. We spent $30,000 on the platform to solve another problem: the completion rate of Self Help courses is near the bottom. Over 80% of members finished AMA.

3. It wasn't bullshit. Joe and I really wanted people to succeed. Failure was not built in.

So with all that... why did it ultimately fail to fix Self Help?

Because it was too bulky, too expensive to maintain, and didn't solve the biggest crack in Self Help's foundation: Sustaining the results for a lifetime.

How Project 2.0 became a real team and a real vision.

I realized Self Help needed to get burned to the ground. But it's taken me years to figure out how to do that and what to replace it with.

I also realized I couldn't do it alone. So I brought together a team of people smarter than me and with fresh eyes.

And Project 2.0 was born.

And we found a solution.

This morning I read about an Indian aerospace company who figured out how to 3D print a rocket engine... from one piece. No moving parts. 10 years ago... 5 years ago... even a year ago... that would be considered impossible.
It resonated with me.

Because we have a blueprint for a new, better, badder way to self help yourself that isn't Self Help.

And while any structure reaching for the stars needs a solid foundation... our special sauce is that EVERYTHING is flexible.

There is nothing rigid in Project 2.0.

And it's not impossible.

What does $7/month get you in Project 2.0?


A team supporting you on your path to becoming the Real You

Need help? Done. Need accountability? Done. Need to be heard and seen? Done. Need to be accepted? Done. Need to get feedback? Done. Need to cry? Done. Each one of us on the core Project 2.0 team is there for you.

Whatever Real Support you need, someone on our team will be there.


Your own crew to grow with, live with and love with

Perhaps one of the coolest parts of Project 2.0: you get your own new tight-knit crew of intimate companions, a group of adventurers to explore with, a family that’s got your back, and fellow astronauts that would never let you float off into space.

As soon as your pod is formed, the platform gives you private messaging, audio calls, and an on-demand video room.


Be the Real You in a community of others on the Real Path.

There is nothing like sharing space with other humans who share your vision. But normally that means "group think." Normally that means people have all the same beliefs, opinions and judgements. But here, what unites us is that we're all on the path to becoming the Real Us. We're all on an individual journey, together. It's better together.

We're built on a cutting edge social platform that's designed to foster communities that explore together and grow together.


Brilliant minds guiding you through new growth experiences... live.

Led by fascinating and sometimes “famous” minds, you and your team will hop on a live video as they guide you through an idea or opportunity. It's not learning. It's exploring and doing so you can fit it into your own journey.

First Up? Joe Vitale, raw and real, sharing what he's never shared before.

HOW-TO 2.0

The replacement for the rigid step-by-step system.

Following your path doesn't mean reinventing the wheel. It means adapting the wheel to fit your path. There are so many big and powerful ideas we can learn from. But instead of the rigid step-by-step approach, it's the guided try-this-and-that approach.

You'll discover new ideas to grow with and the guidance to make them fit your path..


Good ideas on how to better see, become, and sustain the Real You turned into experimental tools for you to use.

We've got a long list of ideas and experiments we're building into this platforms. Ways to improve learning, action, momentum, accountability, and results. But what if you have a better idea? This is just one way where you can contribute to making Real happen.

We're always on the cutting edge. We're always looking for the innovation. We're always trying new things. And you're always benefiting.


Rehabilitating the Guru and making them human again.

Some guru types in the Self Help world cannot be saved. But many are smart people with smart ideas that can work if they're adapted to you. We're building a place where the Guru can join the community... if they're willing to cut the bullshit and keep it real.

Why bother? Because Project 2.0 is also inventing a better business model where everyone wins. And the more Self Help businesses become 2.0 businesses, the less people like you suffer.

Watch as the Guru gets real and their rigid systems become flexible for you.


A rotating collection of curated tools to help you on your path.

What can help you get to the Real You faster, easier, and better? That's what we're looking for when we go out on the hunt for brilliant makers making brilliant growth tools designed for the Real You adventure.

First up, the hypnotic reprogramming of Dr. Steve G. Jones


Everything working together for the cause of the Real You

In today's Self Help, "value" is often determined by how much content, how many hours of videos, how many modules, etc. With Project 2.0, it's not about size or quantity. It's about quality and harmony. Our commitment is that everything that touches our platform will work in harmony with everything else you're doing. If it doesn't, it's gone.

The takeaway: you get to focus on being the Real You. We'll focus on everything else.

Meet Project 2.0

We are investing heavily, both time and money, into exploring how new technologies to help you become the Real You. It's part of our path to disrupting the status quo.

But our biggest technological asset? Real humans.

Meet the 12 people behind Project 2.0. 12 people who have devoted a significant part of their time this past year to this new platform. 12 people who are will be there, with you, getting their hands dirty.

This is your new support team, mission control, pit crew, and sherpas on your path to the Real You.


Facilitator of Architecture And Data Storytelling



Facilitator of Voice And Beginnings



Facilitator Of Spirals Upon Spirals Upon Beautiful Spirals

United States


Facilitator Of Full Stack Dancing Code



Facilitator Of People, Ideas And Order



Facilitator of Strategy, Tactics, And Dominant Resonant Emotions



Facilitator Of Butterflies And Smiles



Facilitator Of Relentless Support And Truth

The Philippines


Facilitator Of Human Sunshine And Designed Development

El Salvador


Facilitator Of Cascading Functions And Harmonious Movement

The Philippines


Facilitator Of Ideas, People and Chaos

United States


Facilitator Of Ideas Developing People


How to join Project 2.0

Step 1: Reserve your place at the roundtable: $7/mo

Here's everything included in your Project 2.0 membership:

Support 2.0: A team supporting you on your path to becoming the Real You. Our mission: whenever you need support, we're there.

Adventure Pods 2.0: Your private team of 5 companions or less for extra accountability, support, co-exploring, adventure, and camaraderie.

Live Immersions 2.0: Brilliant minds guiding you through new growth experiences. First up, Joe Vitale going where he's never gone before.

How-To 2.0: The replacement for the rigid step-by-step system. You'll discover new ideas to grow with and the guidance to make them fit your path..

Incubator + Accelerator 2.0: Access to all our experiments into helping you see, become, and sustain the Real You.

Gurus 2.0: Watch as the Guru gets real and their rigid systems become flexible for you.

Growth Tools 2.0: A rotating collection of curated tools to help you on your path, starting with the hypnotic reprogramming of Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Step 1: Secure your place in Project 2.0: $7 a month

This gives you full access to our way to support you seeing, becoming, and sustaining the Real You. No extra fees, no surprises, no commitment. Cancel anytime. This includes Support 2.0, Community 2.0, Adventure Pods 2.0, Live Immersions 2.0, How-To 2.0, Incubator + Accelerator 2.0, Gurus 2.0, and Growth Tools 2.0.

There is one catch: you have until you're assigned to your Adventure Pod to get a refund. After that, you can cancel, but you won't receive a refund. Why? The other humans in your pod might start as strangers, but they will become your tight-knit team, companions, and family. And we will be working hard to facilitate that. This is how we all have "skin in the game."

Step 2: Make two immediate decisions to shape your path with us

If you've purchased a Self Help program, you've seen all the surprise "upsells" that show up as soon as you sign up... other programs you can add with a single click. Surprising you is not how we do business. So here's what to expect:

The next page after you register for Project 2.0 will give you the option to add on our Joe Vitale 2.0 module. This is a way to get daily Joe 2.0 ideas and actions that you can explore and integrate into your path. If you resonate with Joe's ideas and techniques, this will be a really special way to grow with him. This is separate from the live event that's included.

The final page will be a message for anyone who's a a coach or practitioner, or interested in becoming one. In the same way Self Help is flawed, there are serious issues with the current approach to coaching, both for the practitioner and the client. One of our projects is Life Coach 2.0 - a complete reimagining of what it means to help people. If you want to help us build the new Life Coach 2.0, this will be your chance to join us.

Step 3: Start the Re-Orientation to free you from Self Help

Self Help has poisoned a lot of minds. There is a failure mindset that drives it. So our first goal is to help you free your mind and soul from the clutches of Self Help.

As soon as you sign up, you'll start a 7-day re-orientation experience. Each day, for 7 days, we'll send you an email with a simple idea to chew on and a simple action to take.

Step 4: Enter the community with a bang next Saturday

Project 2.0 is about your unique, individual journey... and how to make it a collective, shared experience. So instead of throwing you in by yourself, we let in new members at the same time, every Saturday. It will be the first, immediate bond you share with others in the community: exploring and experiencing Project 2.0 for the first time.

Step 5: Introduce yourself to the community... with a twist

We don’t want basic introductions. We want deep and thoughtful introductions. So we will be present a series of deep and thoughtful questions to answer about yourself. You can pick a few or answer them all. The purpose is to not just introduce yourself, but help us find you the people you want to share a pod with.

Step 6: Join the next live video kick-off session

This will be your chance to meet us and for us to meet you. We’ll tell more of the story, explain what’s in it for you, give you a chance to ask any questions, and give you your first taste of what we mean by “immersive experiences”

Step 7: Build your Adventure Pod

Each team will have its own private chat and video room that you can enter at any time. However, we will be encouraging everyone to meet at least once a week for guided experiences and accountability. If you find people you want to pair up with, we'll facilitate that. Otherwise, we’ll be helping the match-making process in a no-stress way.

Step 8: Join the live guided immersion led by Joe Vitale

Joe will introduce you big ideas for becoming the Real You that he's never shared before. Then he'll guide you through actually experiencing the idea... taking it from a concept to a reality. If it's something that resonates with the Real You, he'll talk about how to make it a brick on your path to the Real You.

Step 9: Say yes and keep saying yes as the journey continues

When musicians, actors, dancers, or comedians make it up on the spot (improvisation), the cardinal rule is: Say "yes and." In other words, if they or their fellow performers do something, they don't stop for a redo. They take whatever just happened, embrace it (say yes) and take the next step (and...).

This is one of the basic principles behind sustaining a lifetime of becoming the Real You. The word "no" will never have a place, because everything will be a growth experience. That is what your future with Project 2.0 will look like. We're devoted to always be there with you saying "yes and" as you see, become, and sustain the Real You.

There are two paths in front of you

The first... the path you've been on. Self Help wrapped around you as it dies and takes you with it. If you want help, it means spending money on programs designed for you to fail. It means following someone else's path. It means chasing success that's someone else's idea of success.

But there is one "plus" to this path: the comfort of familiarity. In abusive relationships, it's often the comfort of familiarity that keeps the abused from walking away. And before you assume that's an insensitive comparison, it's true. The relationship with Self Help is an abusive relationship. And like all abusive relationships, you can only leave if you're ready to leave.

The second path is that of seeing, becoming, and sustaining the Real You. It doesn't mean you need us. You don't need Project 2.0 for your path to your true self. And we will never pretend to be "the solution." But we will do everything we can to be there with you and for you. We want to be invaluable. And, if you're up for the adventure, we'd love for you to say yes and join us.


$ 7  Month
  • A Community Of Growth Adventurers
  • Your Own Team Of Private Companions
  • Our Team Of Misfits Devoted To You
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Live Virtual "Guided Immersions"
  • Personal Development 2.0


$ 70  Year
  • Two Months Free
  • A Community Of Growth Adventurers
  • Your Own Team Of Private Companions
  • Our Team Of Misfits Devoted To You
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Immersive Growth Experiences
  • Live Virtual "Guided Immersions"
  • Personal Development 2.0


Imagine waking up one day and suddenly you have a community of life adventurers, accountability and support, a constant stream of immersive explorations into your personal growth, a “support team” for your life’s journey, where everyone is equal, including the “gurus”, and where everything is about you, not us.  We’re here to serve you, not us.

The vision is for everyone.  And one day, it will be.  For now, it’s for everyone who is willing to set off on an adventure… and secretly loves the idea of not knowing what’s coming next…

This is not about a time commitment. It’s about committing to the journey, to yourself, and to your community… in whatever way works for you.  If you don’t check in for a minute, we’ll check in with you.  But we’re not pushing expectations onto you… besides being present and showing up however you can.


However, we’ll say this: the time you invest is to make better use of the rest of the time you’re alive.  It all connects.  And we’ll make sure it’s worth every minute.

If you’re asking about a money back guarantee – we’ll happily give you 60 days to try it out.  If it’s not for you… or not for you now… we’re not going to take your money.

But our real guarantee: We guarantee to show up, to focus on you, to be authentic, and to help you reach heights you can’t on your own.  We guarantee to focus on your entire lifetime of growth, not just these moments you share with us.

We guarantee we’ll be present.

For 15 years, I’ve been designing and publishing personal development courses. 

I’m also aware of when people succeeded and when we failed to deliver.  I know what works and I know what could work better.

But we’re not your teachers.  We’re not claiming to have all the answers.  That’s not the point.

We’re here as facilitators: to create the space, the community, and the support you need to do whatever it is that you were meant to do.  

Ultimately, if you disagree, just tell us and we’ll return your money.  

But my hope? You just have a feeling… and if that feeling says “yes” then that’s your answer.

It’s not another facebook group.  We’re actually using a really innovative piece of software to host the community on our own site.  So everything is connected.  Think of it like what you sometimes wish facebook secretly was…

Nope.  We have our big community in one space, and then we have a separate place on our site where you’ll access your small teams.  There you will find a shared live chat (think a group Whatsapp chat) and a way to start a video/audio call at any time.

Depending on when you join, it could be less than a week or less than a day.  We will be making it happen as often as possible.  But we’ll make sure you’re… engaged while you wait 🙂

At least once a month, but honestly, as often as we can (because we want to participate too!)  No guarantees beyond once a month.

If you want to learn a language, would you learn faster (and have more fun) going to the country and having to speak? Or would you learn better in a classroom?

Research says the immersion works better… and it’s more fun.

So think of it like that.  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait and find out…

There will always be recordings available… and we’ll work on making those recordings as close to the real experience as possible.  And if you find the times are generally not convenient, let us know and we’ll explore other options together.

No problem.  SImply reach out and let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you, whether that’s pausing or cancelling.  If you cancel, you will have access until your active period ends, whether that’s through the monthly or yearly plan

We want to cut out the greed and make it about you and not the money.

But our approach? To make a better business model… so that even the greedy people start focusing on you.

We want to prove that focusing on how much lifetime value YOU get is far greater than the financial return.

But our hypothesis? In the end, it will be more “profitable” than the greedy way.

This may be deeply controversial with my “peers.”  I may burn some bridges. If so, so be it.  It’ll tell us who’s in it for the right reasons and who’s in it just for the money.

  1. Build a silent movement of adventurous seekers who can shake up a world stuck in its own loops
  2. Build a model that disrupts the status quo and replaces greed with care.
  3. Focus on knowledge turning into action and action turning into a lifetime of results
  4. Create unique, inventive, experimental, and wildly enjoyable growth immersions and adventurous experiences