Joe Vitale joins a team of 12 radical self help insiders to launch a new personal transformation platform that has the greedy gurus running for the hills...

DELIVERED: The 5 missing *secrets* to reversing the 96% Self Help failure rate now in your hands... without the $10,000 price tag (and the B.S. behind it)

Want to live a long life as the Real You? Want to move and breathe your passion, purpose, and impact? Want stop hoping and believing and start growing and thriving?

Project 2.0 is now open, welcoming everyone in who wants what Self Help promises but never delivered...

"This is what you've been looking for. This is what I've been looking for too. This will change everything"

“I’ve been working with Mitch for many years.  But when he came to me with the Project 2.0 vision and the team with him… it hit me like a ton of bricks.  For all the years I’ve devoted my life for find a better way for you to have, do, or be whatever you choose… this is what’s been missing since the very beginning.  this will change everything.- Joe Vitale

1,000 Self Help customers were surveyed... 96% said they consistently *failed* to achieve their goals and dreams......... why?

The answer is surprisingly obvious - and two Stanford University researchers drive it home:

In their research, professors Geoffrey Cohen and David Sherman got to the heart of it: 

We think that Self Help has to be done… alone.  You have to change. You have to motivate.  You have to take action.  You have to overcome.  You have to make ourselves better… alone.

It’s on you.  And if you struggle and fail?  It’s your fault.  But the research says it’s not that simple. Your “self sabotage” is actually self protective!  

Why?  Because… if you really put in the effort and see yourself fail… your ego and subconscious will take a hit that will hurt, and hurt good.  

Even if you’re not always nice to yourself, we need basic feedback that we’re not actual failures… or we actually stop functioning.

That’s why the solution to reversing the 96% Self Help failure rate… is to stop doing it alone.

96% of people can’t succeed at Self Help… if they’re alone.  As the researchers put it:  “Personal Transformation Can’t Happen Without Social Transformation”

If you want to live a long life transforming into the Real You... then stop doing it alone!

Culture glorifies those who succeed on their own. But most stories of self transformation have other people right there with you... growing with you.

Yes, an enlightened coach can do a lot for us, but this isn’t about finding a coach, a therapist, a guru, a guide, a leader…

It’s about finding other people who are on a similar path… and sharing the individual path, together.

The key: find and build your own Dream Team that can offer you these 5 failure-reversing gifts:

SAFETY: Be seen, acknowledged, heard, and supported... no matter what... without judgement.

This isn’t just about feeling good.  This isn’t because we should all be positive all the time. And it’s not just for the social validation. 

It’s because this gives your subconscious self sabotage mechanism… a reason to shut off!

This “comfort” and “safety” is actually permission to show up and know that you will have others, outside you, who will remind me how much of a badass you really are.  (if you show up and keep trying… you’re a badass)

If you no longer fear failure… if you now have permission to see “failure” as mistakes to grow through… suddenly you’re free to grow.

ACCOUNTABILITY: You do better when you have others who will hold you to your mission

You will have good days and bad days.  You will have moments of struggle.  And having your Dream Team there to keep you moving… even when you’re discouraged… can make all the difference.

Keeping yourself accountable alone is a nightmare that no one wants.  So ditch it.

CAMARADERIE: Fill your tribe with those on the same path you're on.

Want to live your passion? Want to live your purpose?  Want to live your true self?  Want to see, become, and sustain the Real You?  Then find others who are on the same path. Find people who can relate to what you’re experiencing and what you’re wanting.

Sharing empathy, sharing success stories, sharing wisdom and lessons… can build confidence and a commitment to keep moving, even through setbacks.

SHARED GROWTH: Your path is unique, but learning and growing together elevates everyone.

Many Self Help programs focus on step-by-step systems for self transformation.  It’s a sham.  Why?  Because none of us are on the same path.  But we can 100% learn from each other, learn together, learn from others… and make it ours.

Creating a shared learning environment allows you to explore, trip and fall, get back up, and learn from it all… as everyone else does the same thing.

CHEMISTRY: You don't want just anyone on your Dream Team. You need people you click with. You need people in it with you, always.

Becoming the Real You, your true self, your authentic self… is a lifetime journey.  So you want people who you click with, who you respect, who you can talk to, and who you can lean on.  Find that and you’ve found your Dream Team

Find the right people, and you’ve found a lifetime growing into the Real You

We'll build you a Dream Team you can love and grow with... all the way to the Real You...

Want safety as you grow? Want accountability? Want camaraderie? Want shared growth? Want chemistry? Want a new family?

Self Help wants to sell you solutions.  But it’s not the solutions you need.  Yes, there are some brilliant minds with brilliant ideas who have a lot to share.  And yes, we’ll be proactively bringing them to you as well.

But you’re not a problem that needs to get solved.  You’re not a mystery that only some guru can solve for you.

We’re here to give you your new tribe, your community, your family, your Dream Team.  And here’s how:

Companionship and camaraderie for life’s Real Adventure

Your path to the Real You is unique. Everyone on your Dream Team is on their unique paths as well.  But unlike the solitude of Self Help, you don’t have to go it alone.  You now have adventure partners who’ve got your back. The big secret? A team can quickly accelerate your growth.

Accountability and support you want, when you need it

Accountability is part of how you sustain the Real You. Your Dream Team won’t tell you what to do or where to go.  But they will keep you accountable in whatever way you need. And if you slip or get pulled away, you’ve got their no-judgement support helping you come back.

Grow together in your private video and messaging space

The world loves to tell us how to live. So the simple comfort of your Dream Team seeing and accepting you might seem like a luxury. But it’s actually needed food for your soul. It’s the family that doesn’t judge you. Our job? To get you as close to each other as possible.

Grow bigger, better, farther… together

Project 2.0 doesn’t do “systems” or step-by-step. We help you fall in love with finding your own steps. That includes space to explore new, big, and exciting growth ideas. And exploring with your team means extra insight and inspiration you wouldn’t find on your own.

A community with deep bonds - without the “Group Think”

It’s not uncommon for tight-knit communities to have people stuck in the same beliefs, opinions and judgements. What unites us is that we’re all on our own paths. We’re all on an individual journey, together. It’s a deeper connection. We can be close and still celebrate our differences.

Each month, a new epiphany to explore together

Epiphanies are ideas with the potential to spark Real Growth. As all growth can be amplified with your Dream Team, sharing the experience of exploring each month’s Epiphany together creates shared insights and revelations for your Real Path that you wouldn’t find on your own.

The Dream Team Behind Your Dream Team

You don't know me, but you know my work.

My name is Mitch and I’ve been publishing Self Help programs for almost a decade. If you follow my dear friend Joe Vitale, you’ve seen my work, like the Ho’oponopono Practitioner Certification or the Awakened Millionaire Academy.

Joe and I developing a Joe Vitale 2.0 module for Project 2.0

Joe and I have collaborated on some innovative twists to Self Help. But, as he’ll tell you, I’ve been talking about “fixing” the Self Help industry for years. Only recently I accepted the truth: Self Help can’t be fixed. It needs to get replaced.

At that point, I began assembling my own Dream Team to help build a new vision for personal development: Deeply communal but always rooted in your individual journey.

How do I know Dream Teams work? I’ve spent years dreaming, scheming, and collecting ways to transform Self Help. But it was only when I built my own Dream Team that Project 2.0 came to life. Not on my ideas alone, but on our shared, collective creativity. 

But it didn’t stop there.  We came together for the Project 2.0 mission. And we had a wild ride building it from nothing.  But as I look back over this past year, I see how I personally have grown, how this “team of fellow misfits” have helped me get closer to the Real Me.

That’s the power of finding the right Dream Team.  That’s what we want for you.

The Project 2.0 Advocates

Awais @ Pakistan

Facilitator of Architecture and Data Storytelling

Cassie @ USA

Facilitator of Spirals upon Spirals upon Beautiful Spirals

Daniel @ Canada

Facilitator of Voice and Beginnings

Dip @ Bangladesh

Facilitator of Full Stack Dancing Code

Eric @ Malaysia

Facilitator of Dominant Resonant Emotions

Jackie @ England

Facilitator of People, Ideas And Order

Jane @ Mexico

Facilitator of Butterflies and Smiles

Kevin @ El Salvador

Facilitator of Human Sunshine and Designed Development

Maria @ The Philippines

Facilitator of Relentless Support, Truth, and Advocacy

Mary @ The Philippines

Facilitator of Cascading Functions and Harmonious Movement

Mitch @ USA

Facilitator Of Ideas, People, and Chaos

Mohammed @ Morocco

Facilitator of Ideas Developing People Developing Ideas

What is Project 2.0?

Your Dream Team is only the beginning

You are the light. Project 2.0 are vessels to channel the Real You.

The Jewish mystic tradition of Kabbalah uses the metaphor of the light (Ohr) and the vessel (Kli) to understand the 10 Sephirot, or aspects of God.

Without the vessel, the light of God is too diffuse and cannot be seen by humans.  Without the light, the vessel is empty and lifeless.

This metaphor is a root inspiration for Project 2.0.

The Real You is a light with a color and brightness that not even you can see yet. 

Project 2.0 is made of vessels to channel the Real You so you can not only see it, but become it, and sustain it.

So yes, in Project 2.0, we do build tools, platforms, environments, and opportunities as vessels for you to see and engage with the Real You.

But it’s simpler than that. 

The Real You IS Project 2.0.

The only shape, meaning, and purpose we have is to serve and support the Real You.  

In Self Help, you revolve around the guru’s systems and beliefs.  

In Project 2.0, we revolve around you, your journey, and whatever you need to get where you’re going.

The vessels that make up Project 2.0 today are only the beginning.  As the Real You grows, Project 2.0 grows.

This is the beginning of Project 2.0.  But it is only the beginning.

The 10 Vessels of Project 2.0

The Hive

The first heart of Project 2.0 is the Hive. It is where we all share our ideas and perspectives with one another, where we explore our unique individual paths together, where we embrace simple rules like – don’t be an asshole. It is our collective intelligence. It’s a home for the journey.
This is not a facebook group with a string of memes. This is not where you go when you’re bored. This is where you go to grow and be seen.

The Dream Team

Your band of adventurers for life. Your family unit. Your team of heroes. Your accountability partners. Your growth partners. Your learning partners. Your Real People.
The Dream Team is why you join Project 2.0. The Dream Team is why you stay with Project 2.0. The Dream Team is why you’ll outgrow Project 2.0. It is the ultimate Real You hack.

The Advocates

The Project 2.0 Dream Team are your advocates. We are always there for you. We are always thinking about you, about how to help you, about how to support you becoming the Real You.
If you need help on your journey, we are there. If you need to be heard, we will listen. If you need to be seen, we will see you. If you need feedback, we’ll tell you what we think. We’re here for the Real You.

The Monthly Epiphany

Each month, we take a Hive vote on the next Epiphany. An Epiphany is simply a big idea that can help you become the Real You.  Our team then transforms it into inspiration for our Guiding Artists, our community conversation, our group immersions, and our collective ingenuity. It becomes an immersive month-long growth experience.

Upcoming Epiphany: Intuitive Listening – Sparking Effortless Action And Pendulum-Like Momentum

The Guiding Artists

Becoming the Real You is more in the joy of art than in the rules of science. Our mission is to keep offering new colors and brushes to paint with. We bring in brilliant thinkers, livers, doers, and teachers to share their own approach to Epiphany that you can adapt to your path.
Each month, we’ll bring a Guiding Artist to the Hive for a live guided group immersion into a new Epiphany. Next up? Joe Vitale sharing his recent personal epiphanies never before shared.

The Visioning

The Visioning is a live, guided process to align yourself with your internal compass. It helps you find what direction to follow to become the Real You.
The Visioning session is your permission to let loose and allow your heart, mind, and soul full permission to go wherever the Real You wants to take it. Do it once or do it regularly. Up to you.

The Real Practice

The Real Practice is the art of walking your Real Path to the Real You. It’s how you explore whether an outside idea or Epiphany will fit with your Path and your needs. So while Self Help is telling you to suck it up and take action, your inspired practice will move your feet for you.
Your Real Practice is the beating heart of your journey to the Real You. We’ll help you build a Real Practice that excites, inspires, and moves you closer without the fear of failure.

The Open Incubator

What are the best ways to help you see, become and sustain the Real You? Up until now, you had two options: figure it out on your own or let Self Help sell you an answer that doesn’t fit you. There’s a better way. It’s called “open source.” It’s where all minds come together to answer a question or solve a problem. For example, Wikipedia is an open source project that transformed the world.
The Open Incubator is where we collaborate on new and better ways to help you see, become and sustain the Real You. Our collective brainpower can discover answers you won’t find alone.

The Vessel Accelerator

If we shape blueprints for new or improved Project 2.0 vessels in the Open Incubator, the Vessel Accelerator is the unit within our team that takes that blueprint, builds technology around it, and makes it real.
Have you ever had a team take one of your ideas and turn it into something real? Contribute to the Incubator and see your ideas on becoming the Real You turned into real tools to use.

The Treasury

We are not the only ones thinking about how to become the Real You. There are brilliant creators and makers out there developing their own vessels to help channel the Real You.
The Treasury is where we’ll curate and collect golden tools and resources to help you on your path to the Real You. To start, choice deep hypnosis with Dr. Steve G. Jones.

Upcoming Project 2.0 Vessels

The Seed Bank

Humanity has been creating and collecting ideas on how to be the Real You for millenia. Our Seed Bank will offer you meaningful ideas to explore and creative ways to explore them.
From spontaneous inspiration to the random idea generator, the Seed Bank is where you can find and explore a new idea on becoming the Real You.

The Daily Dial-In

What if we came to you? Through email, text, or messenger, we’ll ask you two questions to start your day: How are you feeling? What is your energy level? Based on your answers, we’ll give you ideas, actions, resources, or suggestions to help you make your day more Real You.

Using human-crafted technology, we’ll bring the epiphanies, the practice, the accountability, and the support straight to you.

Say yes and see growth from Day 1

We guarantee a simple formula: the more you “show up” for the Project 2.0 experience, the more you’ll experience amplified growth towards the Real You. Starting from Day 1:

Day 1: You’ll immediately start to feel the Self Help Grip loosen

To release you from the Self Help failure mindset, we make a simple adjustment in your perspective. But the key that immediately loosens the grip is the comfort of knowing there’s now a better way.

Within a week: Inspired and empowered by the Real You

Every Saturday the Hive doors open to new participants. And as soon as you step through those doors, we start by leading you to authentic inspiration and self-created empowerment.

At the same time: Immediate support, accountability, and love

As soon as we meet you, we’re with you. Whether it’s the Project 2.0 team or another participant in the Hive, you will have access to a kind of support and recognition not found in any normal experience.

Within two weeks: New clarity on your Real Path

Between what you get through the Visioning, the Hive, and the simple momentum in Project 2.0, you’ll begin to have a new confidence and clarity for what direction the Real You lies.

Within a month: The Real You gives you Real Results in Real Life

You’ve already found big new ideas to explore and build into your path. You’ve already begun designing a new approach to daily life. And because your engine is fueled by inspiration, it simply happens.

Day 1 with your Dream Team: Lifetime fuel for your Real Path

Your Dream Team is your rocket fuel. The intimacy, accountability, love and support, camaraderie, shared experience, inspiration to be exchanged, and eyes that always see you: a lifetime team at your side.

Are you a fit for the Dream Team?

We celebrate your uniqueness. No beliefs or doctrines required to join. Our only requirement for joining and staying with Project 2.0 is resonance. Do you resonate with our mission?

That’s the moment of truth: Do you get a good feeling when you read this page?

Trust your gut. And try it risk-free.

If you join us today, you’re saying yes for three reasons: 1. You see our vision 2. You respect our experience 3. Your gut says “this will be good for me.”

But if you get inside and it’s not a match, let us know and we’ll give you a refund and part with good wishes.

We cannot guarantee your results, but we fully guarantee our commitment and dedication to you and your journey.

Say yes and the first step is simple

If Self Help attempted to come close to Project 2.0, it’s a $10,000 bill gone for good. Our business model: 1. Easy access for all people 2. We succeed only when you succeed.

It’s why membership dues are $7 a month for everything on this page. No catches. And if you want to help give us more fuel to grow faster, invest $70 for the year and get two months free.

What you get when you join Project 2.0:

Monthly @ Project 2.0

Never tied in. Cancel anytime

$7 /month

Yearly @ Project 2.0

Two months free. Cancel anytime

$70 /year


Imagine waking up one day and suddenly you have a community of life adventurers, accountability and support, a constant stream of immersive explorations into your personal growth, a “support team” for your life’s journey, where everyone is equal, including the “gurus”, and where everything is about you, not us.  We’re here to serve you, not us.

If you are interested in seeing what you’re capable of becoming, if you’re interested in ditching the old way that doesn’t work, if you’re interested in having a community, a tribe… a dream team… to grow with… and if you’re not an asshole…

Then yes, this is for you!

This is not about a time commitment. It’s about committing to the journey, to yourself, and to your community… in whatever way works for you.  If you don’t check in for a while, we’ll check in with you.  But we’re not pushing expectations onto you… besides being present and showing up however you can.


However, we’ll say this: the time you invest is to make better use of the rest of the time you’re alive.  It all connects.  And we’ll make sure it’s worth every minute.

If you’re asking about a money back guarantee – we’ll happily give you 30 days to try it out.  If it’s not for you… or not for you now… we’re not going to take your money.

But our real guarantee: We guarantee to show up, to focus on you, to be authentic, and to help you reach heights you can’t on your own.  We guarantee to focus on your entire lifetime of growth, not just these moments you share with us.

We guarantee we’ll be present.

For 15 years, I’ve been designing and publishing personal development courses. 

I’m also aware of when people succeeded and when we failed to deliver.  I know what works and I know what could work better.

But we’re not your teachers.  We’re not claiming to have all the answers.  That’s not the point.

We’re here as facilitators: to create the space, the community, and the support you need to do whatever it is that you were meant to do.  

Ultimately, if you disagree, just tell us and we’ll return your money.  

But my hope? You just have a feeling… and if that feeling says “yes” then that’s your answer.

It’s not another facebook group.  We’re actually using a really innovative piece of software to host the community on our own site.  So everything is connected.  Think of it like what you sometimes wish facebook secretly was…

Nope.  We have our big community in one space, and then we have a separate place on our site where you’ll access your small teams.  There you will find a shared live chat (think a group Whatsapp chat) and a way to start a video/audio call at any time.

We believe letting people in the doors in stages is the way to go.  It’s shared camaraderie right out of the gate.

So the first opening to the community will be on Saturday February 27, 2021.  After that, every Saturday the doors open again for the next incoming wave.

At least once a month, but honestly, as often as we can (because we want to participate too!)  But no guarantees beyond once a month.

If you want to learn a language, would you learn faster (and have more fun) going to the country and having to speak? Or would you learn better in a classroom?

Research says the immersion works better… and it’s more fun.

So think of it like that.  Beyond that, you’ll have to wait and find out…

There will always be recordings available… and we’ll work on making those recordings as close to the real experience as possible.  And if you find the times are generally not convenient, let us know and we’ll explore other options together.

No problem.  SImply reach out and let us know and we’ll be happy to work with you, whether that’s pausing or cancelling.  If you cancel, you will have access until your active period ends, whether that’s through the monthly or yearly plan

  1. Build a silent movement of adventurous seekers who can shake up a world stuck in its own loops
  2. Grow a community that erases the “failure” of Self Help for good.
  3. Build a model that disrupts the status quo and replaces greed with care.
  4. Focus on knowledge turning into action and action turning into a lifetime of results
  5. Create unique, inventive, experimental, and wildly enjoyable growth immersions and adventurous experiences
  6. Help you see, become, and sustain the Real You… for life.